Our Boards

Troy Christian Chapel (TCC) is a non-denominational Christian congregation in Troy, Michigan. TCC’s church government style is generally congregational, with major decisions vested in the membership. TCC is led by the Senior Pastor, who is supported in the various areas of decision-making by four functional boards: The Pastors Board, Trustees Board, Deacon Board, and Missions Board. Senior Pastors are elected to serve by congregational vote, after being recommended by the Deacon Board, the Trustees Board and a pastoral Search Committee. Associate and Assistant Pastors are elected to serve by congregational vote, after being appointed by the Senior Pastor, and endorsed by the Deacon and Trustees Boards. All pastors serve unspecified terms. Members of the other three boards are nominated from, and elected by, the membership at large, provided they meet the qualifications of the board to which they have been nominated. Trustees serve 10-year terms, while Deacons and Missions Board members serve 3-year terms. Following is a general description of each of the four boards:

Pastors Board

Our pastors model the New Testament definition of leaders as those whose highest call is to serve, upward to the Lord Jesus Christ, and outward to their families, the congregation and the world. They meet regularly to consider the needs and set the direction of the congregation; and to ensure that their individual ministries, as well as their collective pastoral leadership, remain firmly grounded in Scripture, in the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, and in the historic faith of the Church of Jesus Christ that was “that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3b, ESV).

Trustees Board

The Trustees Board guards the congregation’s fidelity to the historic Christian faith. The Trustee’s role is to encourage mutual respect and service among congregants, and to assess the tone and spirit of the congregation in important issues. Trustees are Christians of maturity, personal integrity and spiritual wisdom, and serve both the congregation and church leadership by offering their support, spiritual guidance, and wise, practical counsel.

Deacon Board

The Deacon Board is the governing financial body of the church. Under the guidance of the Scriptures, reliance upon God and with input from the entire congregation as they fulfill this task, they carry out the business affairs, steward the financial welfare, and support the staff and programs of the church. They conscientiously and prayerfully commit to overseeing fiscal responsibilities, physical facilities and property, hospitality, fellowship and outreach.

Missions Board

The Missions Board assists the congregation in obediently participating in Christ’s Great Commission, both locally and abroad through: encouraging and supporting financial and hands-on participation in missions; prayerfully and responsibly distributing funds to reputable, evangelical missionaries and organizations; and maintaining consistent commitment and communication between the congregation and those we regularly support.

Troy Christian Chapel
400 E. Long Lake Road
Troy, MI 48085

Phone: (248) 689-2046
Email: staff@troychapel.org

Sunday School - 9:00 a.m.
Worship Service - 10:30 a.m.

Worship & Bible Study - 7:00 p.m.