Christmas Greetings From Pastor Brian

Merry Christmas Troy Christian Chapel! What a privilege it is to write you these words once again. The Torres family has always loved the Christmas season! It is a time of faith, hope and love. It is a time when we catch a small glimpse of what the Kingdom of God is. During this time we remember that Christ came for us.

I am continually struck by the magnitude of that simple statement. Christ came for us. Knowing what His arrival on this earth would mean for him. Knowing the price He would pay. Knowing the separation He would face. He came regardless. What’s more, Christ came faithfully obedient to His Father’s call knowing how disobedient we were and would continue to be. Fully aware of our weakness—our former, current and future disobedience—He came.

The love He displayed while washing the feet of those who He knew would betray Him, deny Him, and abandon Him. The love He displayed asking forgiveness for those who crucified Him.

That same love moved Him to come and save those who could never save themselves. What wondrous love is this! Christ laid aside His crown for my soul!

And so this Season is a reminder of JOY! Is there any greater cause for celebration? Is there any greater cause for joy? Is there any greater fountain of strength! Any firmer foundation of hope? Any deeper shelter of peace? Where oh death, is your victory? Where oh death, is your sting?

The Lamb has come for us, for you. He has come, knowing your failures, knowing your brokenness, knowing your weakness, knowing…you. He has come because He loves you.

This is the truth of the Christmas season. This is the truth of the life in Christ. So may this season be used of Christ to turn our hearts from all things that defeat us and set them on Him who has won the victory. Amen!

Merry Christmas beloved!

Pastor Brian Torres

November 27, 2019

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