Adult Christian Education

The Adult Christian Education program offers classes on Sundays and Wednesdays. The classes run for thirteen-week-long quarters, beginning in September, December, March and June. Typically, there is a choice of two or three classes on Sunday morning (9:00 -10:00 A.M.) and one on Wednesday evening (7:00-8:00 P.M.).

The current offerings are:

Gospel of John – Pastor Jon Enright (Sunday)
1 John – Pastor Brian Torres (Sunday)
Culture in Crisis: Responding Biblically to Current Events – Pastor Jon Enright (Wednesday)
1 Corinthians: A Letter from the Apostle Paul to a Struggling Church – Pastor Brian Torres (Wednesday)

Gospel of John (Sunday)

John tells us that he wrote his gospel to bear witness to what he had seen Jesus do and heard him teach while he was his disciple (Jn. 21:24). The purpose for which he gave this testimony was so that those who heard it would “believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing [they] would have life in his name” (Jn. 20:23). John’s gospel has been beloved by believers through the ages, not only for its value for evangelizing unbelievers, but also as a rich treasury of profound insights into who Jesus is and what he came to do. As we explore the richness of the testimony John has left for us, my hope is that our own faith and understanding will be enriched, and that we will be better equipped to share the gospel with our families, friends, and neighbors, so that they too may come to believe that Jesus is the Christ – and have life in his name.

1 John (Sunday)

Join us via Zoom as Pastor Brian restarts the 1 John Sunday School. Join us as we delve into this impactful book written by the Apostle John as he writes to shepherd his flock in truth. John’s epistle is a deeply theological work that serves to anchor the Christian on the solid foundation of Christ in a time when so many are tossed to and fro by the waves of the world.

Please see the church website (or see below) for the link to join the class via Zoom. Participants can join simply by clicking the link and installing Zoom by following the prompts. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Brian by telephone or email him at

If you miss a class, recordings of each class will be posted on the church YouTube Channel (or see the link below.) This link may also be found on the church website.

Culture in Crisis: Responding Biblically to Current Events (Wednesday)

Given the kind of social and cultural upheaval we have experienced in recent years and months, we should not be surprised that there is a wide range of opinions and perspectives among believers regarding what the real problems are, what should be done about them, and what our role should be as Christians in this cultural environment. This ought not to surprise us as Christians through the ages have held differing points of view regarding how best to relate to the culture around them. In this class, we will grapple together with a range of issues we are facing as members of a culture in crisis, including politics, race, the environment, immigration, poverty, abortion, LGBTQ issues, and others. Our task will be to consider the weighty matters we face as a culture, and as believers, from a biblical perspective, depending on the authority of scripture and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to light the way. There will also be ample opportunity for discussion, and to share our points of view so that we can be challenged and stimulated by each other.

1 Corinthians: A Letter from the Apostle Paul to a Struggling Church (Wednesday)

We will begin with a time of worship and prayer followed by a time of studying and discussing the book of 1 Corinthians and its impact on the Christian life.

Paul wrote His first letter to the Corinthians in response to the troubling reports he was getting about decisions the Corinthian Christians were making and the harm those decisions were making on the witness of the church to their community. Paul, the founder of this church writes his letter as a caring father, founder and pastor who desires to see God’s people walk in the Holiness, Fellowship and Victory that Christ died to achieve for them. This is an Epistle that will dramatically impact those who honestly study its divinely inspired words and they will find that the word of God written by Paul for the Corinthian church 2000 years ago is alive and piercing the hearts of the church today.

This will be a Covid-Strict service.  Masks and physical distancing between families will be required. The doors from the Narthex to the Fellowship Hall will be closed. Please enter through the Southeast doors that lead directly into the Fellowship Hall.

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