Adult Christian Education

The Adult Christian Education program offers classes on Sundays and Wednesdays. The classes run for thirteen-week-long quarters, beginning in September, December, March and June. Typically, there is a choice of two or three classes on Sunday morning (9:00 -10:00 A.M.) and one on Wednesday evening (7:00-8:00 P.M.).

The current offerings are:

Bold Faith – Pastor Jon Enright (Sunday)
II Peter and the Book of Joel – Doug Kuhn (Sunday)
ESL Introduction to Christianity – Bob Hirons (Sunday)
Christians in Culture – Pastor Jon (Wednesday)

Bold Faith

In Hebrews chapter 11, the writer to the Hebrews reminds us of the many people we can look to as examples of firm confidence in God and his promises. That confidence led them to take great risks, put their lives on the line, and sometimes even surrender their lives as they sought to be faithful to God. The multitude of the faithful through history serve as “a great cloud of witnesses,” testifying to us of God’s faithfulness and encouraging us to persevere following their example of perseverance and boldness in faith (Heb. 12:1). This short study will look at the bold faith of several characters in scripture, and how their example can encourage and inspire us as we are called to exercise bold faith in our own circumstances. The characters we will be studying are Rahab; Hannah; Jehoshaphat; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; Esther and Mordechai; and Stephen.

II Peter and the Book of Joel

Our quarter begins with Saint Peter’s 2nd Epistle, relatively small but extremely powerful, analogous to an atom bomb! Peter’s further writings, providentially left to us, explore the themes of God’s provision to us for living in the present, the ongoing influence of false teachers in the Church and ends with a view of the coming Day of the Lord. We shall explore these themes in some depth and follow-up with the Old Testament Book of Joel, one of the very earliest prophets who deals with an ongoing judgment of the Lord, a revival amongst His people, the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, God’s further promises and a view of the Day of the Lord that will act as an interesting counterpoint to Peter’s teaching on the same subject. Let us together plumb the endless revelation of God’s Holy Word.

ESL Introduction to Christianity
This class is geared toward introducing students in our ESL program to the Bible and Christianity. The class is oriented to people who are learning English; people who are not believers but would like to investigate the claims of Christianity; new Christians who would like to learn more about the Bible and Christian doctrine; anyone who would like to participate in our ongoing Cross Cultural ministry to internationals.

Christians in Culture

A perennial question we face as Christians is how to relate to the culture in which we live. The issues related to this are many: How does our citizenship in the kingdom of God impact the way we think about our earthly citizenship?; What should we do when the authority of scripture is at odds with cultural norms?; How can we bear witness to the love and grace of God in a culture that increasingly rejects God and godliness?

Like the culture around us, evangelicalism is increasingly divided over how we should address these challenges, gravitating toward two extremes. On the one hand are those who are inclined to emphasize love and acceptance to the point that the demands of the gospel are obscured. On the other hand are those who are so concerned to preserve the Judeo-Christian heritage of our culture that they have come to see themselves more as soldiers in the culture wars than ambassadors of the good news of reconciliation with God through Christ. This too obscures the gospel.

In this class we will wrestle again with these important issues as we continue to understand how to relate to our culture in a biblical and godly way. The class will include several guest speakers who will offer their first-hand insights regarding abortion; sexual and gender identity issues; issues facing youth; and the impact of crime, both on the victims and perpetrators.

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